Conquer the rough terrain of the mountain with Haibike's rugged full suspension, fat tire and hard tail ebikes! Perfect for serious bikers wanting to scale mountains or find new places to trail blaze with the help of an assisted bike.
M2S All Terrain R750 VS RadRover : ebikes. "Custom Rad Power Bikes RST Suspension Fork with 80mm of Travel", but no clue if it's a spring (cheap garbage) or hydraulic (will actually provide ok suspension). I'd probably get the m2s because I ride XL frames in most bikes and radpower i'd have to compromise with their one size only frame.
Battery. The new no-shock side-mounting battery system is an innovation in itself. It is lithium 36 volt 11.6 ah, offering 418 watt hours of power and can be charged on or off the eBike. Electric Bikes . Neo. The power for more - more rides, more speed, more distance, more fun. Neo means electric.
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Dooya awning motor